Carmel Caramels Gift Pack


“Carmel Caramels Care Gift Pack” is our special today in order to celebrate that our lavender farm survived the Carmel Wildfire. We are so happy about this that we’re passing along the savings to our wonderful customers. So, the Gift Packs now cost only $19.95 (normally $32 value).  We created this special care package to help our customers combat COVID 19.  We deeply discounted all our best sellers to help our customers during this difficult time. Our care package contains the following: 12 oz. sachet bag of delicious Carmel Caramels, 3.4 oz travel-size Organic Lavender Hydrosol Spray, and a 2 oz lavender sachet of organic culinary dried lavender buds. Everything is hand made at Lion Springs Lavender Farm in Carmel Valley Village, California. Enjoy the delicious Caramels with honey in them; hydrate your skin with lavender Hydrosol spray or use it as a pillow spray to relax at night; and put the lavender sachet in your room, sock drawer or car to smell awesome!  The culinary organic lavender buds in tge sachets also make a delicious sleepy time tea, and can be used as a spice for food such as roasted chicken & potatoes, seafood, sautéed vegetables, or BBQ. These  Carmel Caramel Care Gift Packages make excellent hostess gifts, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, wedding favors, bridal shower favors, etc. Enjoy your Carmel Caramel Care Gift Pack from Lion Springs Lavender Farm…and stay healthy, happy & safe!




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