Our delicious lavender honey…

Looking for the queen bee at Lion Springs Lavender Farm!
  • Beekeeping at Lion Springs Lavender Farm
    Beekeeping at Lion Springs Lavender Farm

There’s lots of busy bees making lavender honey from our certified organic lavender flowers at Lion Springs Lavender Farm. We use lavender honey to make our delicious homemade, sea-salted, Carmel Caramels!

Carmel Caramels

Bees love lavender to gather pollen to make lavender honey at Lion Springs Lavender Farm

The bees love the lavender!

Lion Springs Lavender Farm
Lavender and bee hives at Lion Springs Lavender Farm in Carmel Valley, California.


Lavender Honey at Lion Springs Lavender Farm 

At Lion Springs Lavender Farm, we have Italian and Russian honey bees. The bee hives are situated near the lavender field, and wild flowers, so the bees gather their nectar from lavender blossoms. In early spring before the lavender blooms, the bees can get pollen from lupines, and sage flowers too. Therefore, our honey has a unique lavender and wild flower aroma to it. It tastes heavenly! We like to use honey in some of the products we make here at the farm with our cottage kitchen permit.

As part of our organic plan, we encourage wildlife to help propagate our plants instead of using chemicals or other unnatural methods.

We have an excellent beekeeper who is an expert at taking care of bees. My daughter and I bee-keep with her so our bees continue to make delicious, healthy honey to put into our Carmel Caramels for our wonderful customers!  Most of the honey is used in the Carmel Caramels to give them their special, local Carmel flavor.

Lara, our beekeeper, at Lion Springs Lavender Farm.
Can you find the queen bee?


Daphne Nixon catching a swarm of bees at Lion Springs Lavender Farm


Try our delicious Carmel Caramels (in new bee hive jars and convenient purple sachet bags!) made with lavender at our lavender farm in Carmel Valley, California.

Bee hives at Lion Springs Lavender Farm

In addition, our certified organic lavender is watered from our natural well from an underground spring. Therefore, customers enjoy a fresh, unadulterated lavender grown with local natural ground water.  Henceforth, the bees make their honey from the natural well- watered organic lavender plants.  This helps make Carmel Caramels extra special as well as delicious. They are truly mouth-watering.

Try our heavenly-tasting, home made, Carmel Caramels, made from the organic lavender at Lion Springs Lavender Farm. You can visit our booth at the Carmel-by-the-Sea Farmers zMarkey on Thursdays from 10-2 to try Carmel Caramels right in Carmel!

Delicious Carmel Caramels have biodegradable cellophane wrappers…no plastic!
Carmel Caramels come in glass bee hive shaped jars that make great gifts! Available now in purple sachet bags too.

Our Carmel Caramels are made in a home kitchen at Lion Springs Lavender Farm with a Cottage Kitchen permit from the Monterey County Health Department. Yep, they came here, inspected our operation, and we passed!

So, what are you waiting for…try yummy Carmel Caramels! They’re available at our on-line store at this website. Also, there are some local stores that sell them in Carmel Valley Village and Carmel…however, even though we make them as fast as we can…they sell out fast.

We hope you enjoy Carmel Caramels!

Daphne Nixon and Ziggy, the lavender husky, at Lion Springs Lavender Farm