Meet the farm staff:


Our resident dream visualizer and artist. Daphne specializes in oil painting and designs everything around the farm including the farmhouse, the company, company logo, website, farm design layout, paintings, and master business plan.  She not only keeps the farm running, but cooks the Carmel Caramels and keeps the lavender dream alive and growing. For more information on Daphne’s oil paintings, visit



Our resident master mechanic. A wiz at machines and keeps the farm running. Nothing breaks down around here under Greg’s watch. He can fix anything and loves doing it. He works at Mercedes Benz of Monterey by day as a technician….but as our Lavender Master Tech by night. He keeps the vehicles around here fast…and the music loud.



Chloe is our resident herbalist. As a matter of fact, her name, Chloe, means “Goddess of the little herbs” in Greek.  She knows everything about plants and has that magic green touch. She also is our social media guru, and helps keep us up to date and hip with today’s hipsters. Furthermore, Chloe’s also our animal specialist and keeps the wildlife here healthy and in check.  Chloe has a knack for keeping it zen around here with her beautiful ukele playing and melodic gentle singing voice.



Ziggy is one of our twin Siberian Huskies…each with one blue and one brown eye. Ziggy loves to help out by hunting gophers in the lavender field…and can be seen here cooling off in her drinking bowl after a hard day’s work. She’s a rescue dog that rescued us…Ziggy fought off a coyote that came up on our back porch and bit her neck!


Xena, the Warrior Princess, is part of our organic gopher control SWAT team as well. This sweet, Siberian Husky leads the charge on gophers with always a smile on her face.



Marley keeps it merry around here. He makes sure that not a creature is stirring…not even a mouse…and that goes for butterflies, lizards,  birds, moths, flies, and beatles, too.   He’s our resident Turkish Van Cat that may look like an old grump, but he’s really a cat-dog. Although he doesn’t bark, he likes to play fetch and go swimming….once he even jumped in the bath tub to play with a yellow rubber duck.