Lion Springs Lavender Farm is the home of Carmel Caramels in Carmel Valley, California. We make delicious, mouth-watering salted lavender honey caramels right here in our permitted cottage kitchen at the farmhouse. We use all fresh ingredients including a small touch of our homegrown organic lavender. We hope you’ll love Carmel Caramels as much as we do. A portion of all our proceeds go towards the California Mountain Lion Foundation.

We have a special place in our heart for the mountain lions here at the farm for two reasons. First, we see mountain lion footprints on our farm and have seen them time to time at the farm, like crossing Carmel Valley Road,


Second, mountain lions are the namesake for our farm, Lion Springs Lavender Farm. Since we are a certified organic farm with the Monterey County Certified Organic program (MCCO), we recognize the value of preserving our environment for future generations.  Mountain Lions are at the top of the food chain here so if we can help keep their population alive, it shows a healthy ecological balance in our land. We work hard to create a sustainable “green” farm using certified organic methods.

Most of all, we think mountain lions are beautiful animals and would be proud to be part of the stewardship of the land to be sure they don’t become a extinct on our watch. So, help us help save the mountain lions one caramel at a time. Eat Carmel Caramels and save the California Mountain Lions.

(By the way, I love photographs of mountain lions “springing” or jumping. So, if you find any good ones, please send them to me. After all, Lions “Springs” is our logo!)