Lavender Hydrosol Spray

Lavender  at Lion Springs Lavender Farm in Carmel Valley, California.

Lavender water for your skin…NEW! Try our heavenly scented Lavender Hydrosol Fine Mist Spray!  It’s also called lavender water and it is culinary as well.   It comes in a convenient 3.4 ounce travel size that fits easily in your purse or suitcase. The best thing about it is that lavender is naturally great for your skin.  Sprays are all the rage now as part of a good skin care regimen.  This lavender water is terrific for your skin because the natural properties in lavender can be easily applied to your skin with a fine mist spray.  Once the lavender water is on your skin, the healing and medicinal attributes of the amazing lavender plant will all be to your skin’s benefit.  For instance, the anti-bacterial properties of lavender keeps your skin clean to prevent breakouts.  Lavender is also anti-inflammatory so it soothes your skin to keep it smooth and even colored.  Not to mention, lavender water keeps your skin hydrated, plump, and fresh looking with the natural well water that’s in it from watering the lavender with natural spring water from Lion Springs Lavender Farm.  We tested our well water and it’s very healthy and all natural.

A new skin spa is opening in Monterey called Pacific Coast Aesthetics.  They will be carrying Lion Springs Lavender Farm’s Lavender Hydrosol Fine Mist Spray because they know how good it is for your skin.  So, you heard it here first!  It’s so popular that another well-known spaPreston-Wynne Spa, in Saratoga, California, will be carrying this skin spray too.

We hope you’ll enjoy the wonderful lavender scent of this spray as much as we do!