Carmel Caramels

Carmel Caramels are delicious lavender caramels made with organic lavender here at our certified organic family farm, Lion Springs Lavender Farm, in Carmel Valley, California. 


Our beekeeper, Thomas, is a third generation bee keeper so we know he’ll keep the bees happy so they’ll make delicious, healthy honey at our lavender farm for our customers. 

Thomas, the beekeeper at Lion Springs Lavender Farm


The Carmel Caramels are finished off with a dash of sea salt.  We cant stop eating these yummy, mouth watering caramels!


We now have new bee-hive shaped jars because we want our customers to know that we use lavender honey from the bees on our farm to make the Carmel Caramels.  Plus, we have new biodegradable, clear, cellophane wrappers…not plastic!

When in Carmel, treat yourself to some delicious, mouth-watering Carmel Caramels!  They’re made right here in Carmel in a Monterey County Health Department certified home kitchen.  Remember to bring some Carmel Caramels home with you because they’re a wonderful souvenir and make terrific gifts!  

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Carmel Caramels in 16 oz., 8 oz., and 4 oz. jars.

Our delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, “Carmel Caramels” are made right here at Lion Springs Lavender Farm in our permitted cottage kitchen. We use all fresh ingredients including honey from our bees that get their nectar from the organic lavender we grow.

Honey bees at Lion Springs Lavender Farm, Carmel Valley, CA.

Carmel Caramels are homemade by hand at Lion Springs Lavender Farm in Carmel Valley, California, in an approved cottage kitchen using certified, organic lavender grown on the farm using natural, spring-fed well water.

The natural well at Lion Springs Lavender Farm

The clear, cellophane wrappers are biodegradable (and are not plastic!) because we strive to help our environment as much as possible to have a “green” product with as small a carbon footprint as possible. These wonderful caramels are sprinkled with sea salt and have a light floral hint of lavender for a heavenly taste. We hope you love eating them as much as we love making them!

Carmel Caramels are available in 12 oz jars or sachet bags in two wonderful flavors: plain honey caramel…and sea-salted honey caramel.

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We love them and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. ❤️


Carmel Caramels