Monterey County Certified Organic

Lion Springs Lavender Farm: MCCO, Monterey County Certified Organic Lavender

Lion Springs Lavender Farm is delighted to share that we passed our organic inspection again by Monterey County Certified Organic for 2019-2020.   It has been a lot of hard work, but we’re proud to grow an environmentally friendly, healthy lavender crop for our families, friends, neighbors, customers, and local wildlife.


As of July 31, 2018, we are also happy to announce that we passed the organic certification inspection!  Therefore, we recently obtained our official organic certification from MCCO (Monterey County Certified Organic) for the lavender that we grow here at Lion Springs Lavender Farm.

Monterey County Certified Organic Certificate for Lion Springs Lavender farm.


The certificate above here is the Certificate of Organic Certification from the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture).

Out of respect for our environment, neighbors, families, friends, guests, and valued customers, Lion Springs Lavender Farm uses green, sustainable farming practices. We take great care to be good stewards of the land by not using chemicals. We also use our own spring water from the farm’s underground well to irrigate the lavender so there’s no added chlorine or other additives found in munincipal water.  Plus, we maintain and improve the ecosystem around us by having bee hives for natural cross pollination; natural wood chips for mulch fir the soil with organic matter;  promoting wildlife such as owl nests in the California Oak Trees, as well as water for bobcats so they catch the gophers for us so we don’t use any toxic substances to poison animals and fish in the local food chain.  And finally, although organic hand-weeding is a lot of extra labor, we are happy to do that to help maintain and improve  our environment for future generations.

The result is a beautiful, healthy, natural, organic lavender grown on our “green” farm. We hope you will enjoy our lavender from Lion Springs Lavender Farm.