New Carmel Caramels Lavender Sachets

Delicious “Carmel Caramels” are now Availabile in Charming Lavender Sachets

Delicious “Carmel Caramels” from Lion Springs Lavender Farm available now in lovely lavender sachets.
Have you ever wanted to give someone the perfect little gift, or have terrific party favors for your friends, family, employees, guests, or customers? Now you can purchase delicious Carmel Caramels in charming, lightweight, lavender sachet bags. They provide a tantalizing taste of lavender caramels that everyone will enjoy. You can buy just one, or a whole bunch. Large orders are welcome as well. So far, our customers have given them away as shower favors, wedding favors, employee appreciation gifts, stocking stuffers, and fun local gifts to friends visiting their homes.
Please let us know how we can help you fulfill orders for your event. We look forward to meeting and working with you! Contact Daphne at 253-432-0459. Thank you ???


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