Monarch butterflies are dying out. Here’s how cities can help.

Monarch Butterflies at Lion Springs!

Butterflies love the organic lavender at Lion Springs Lavender Farm

I noticed the other day a lot of monarch butterflies land on the lavender at the farm. After I closely examined a photo I took of one of these butterflies, I felt surprised to see such clear detail in the photo. I could see the butterfly’s eyeballs and even its tongue (proboscus) in the lavender blossom.  I felt super happy when I realized the presence of butterflies drawing nectar from the lavender not only signifies a healthy organic lavender farm like the presence of bees does, but it’s also great for our environment!  I found the article below very interesting…it’s about how planting milkweed and other butterfly-living plants, such as lavender, helps save our dying butterfly and insect populations.

Lots of butterflies at Lion Springs Lavender Farm





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